Spring Fever Giveaway, Day 8 – oh wait, it’s ME!!!

2014-07-16 09.14.07Yes, the featured author in the Spring Fever Giveaway today is ME!! I’ll be appearing on all sorts of blogs by different authors, so visit them, too! You can find all their website addresses from a post a few days ago, HERE.

Alas, the photo isn’t recent, but was a happy day at the beach for myself and my family – this is Emily, my oldest daughter! Hi Emily!

I won’t bore you with my author bio, since you can go straight to the ABOUT REGINA to learn more than you’d ever want to know about this girl, but I will share with you a little about what’s happening NOW!

My second book in the Southern Breeze Series, Carolina Mercy, is with the editor right now, so basically I’m on pins and needles, waiting to hear the good – or not-so-good – word! (Of course, in editing, it’s ALL about words.) I think you’ll enjoy Tom and Lucy’s story – and there may be some Sarah and Jared in there, too! 😉

I’ve started book 3, tentatively titled Carolina Grace. I can’t tell you about it, because it would have spoilers from Carolina Mercy, but let’s just say a little time has passed between books 2 and 3. That’s all I’ll say. Really. Wild horses couldn’t pull it out of me.

I will tell you this. My target total word count is 70-75,000 words, and I’m up to 5,156 words.

If you haven’t followed me on social media, here are some great ways to keep up with me!

Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/Regina-R-Merrick-512257938964888/

Twitter: @trmerrick64

Instagram: reginamerrick

But back to the GIVEAWAY! I’ve already introduced you to some fantastic authors, and after today, there will be two more!! A veritable cornucopia of Christian Fiction goodness!

My featured book is Carolina Dream. In case you’ve forgotten, or somehow haven’t read it yet, here’s the blurb:

carolina-dream-2Sarah Crawford wants more from life than to attend the wedding of her ex-fiancée. An unexpected inheritance in South Carolina comes at the perfect time, just as Sarah is willing to use any excuse to get out of town. When she meets potential business partner Jared Benton and discovers that a house is part of the inheritance, she is sure that God has been preparing her for this time through a recurring dream.

But will a dream about an antebellum mansion, many rooms to be explored, and a man with dark brown eyes give her the confidence to take a leap of faith, leaving friends, family, and her job behind?

Such fun. As you know, from previous posts, one of the ways to enter is with a SECRET WORD. Today’s secret word is beach. Sigh . . .

I’d love to go to the beach, but tomorrow, I’ll be introducing you to a former blogging partner, Stacy Monson! Stay tuned!

TODAY, enter the giveaway! Right here!! Really! a Rafflecopter giveaway



3 thoughts on “Spring Fever Giveaway, Day 8 – oh wait, it’s ME!!!

  1. Thanks for these great posts and an opportunity to win. Getting me into the mood for spring, especially when I see the tips of the daffodils poking out of the ground at home.


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