Find That Encourager

Yesterday I put out a query to my writing group, KenTen Writers. I had hit a small snag in my story, and just needed a push from my writing buddies. I heard from one, then another, and then another that said anyone overhearing this as a real conversation would arrest us because we were talking about embezzlement and dirty cops!

2014-06-21 12.32.03

KenTen outing at Adsmore, in Princeton, KY, Summer 2014

But one person in my writing group didn’t respond – Sandra Robbins. I knew she was very ill and couldn’t, and that made me sad.

Sandra Robbins passed away this morning. She was an integral part of our writing group. Her encouragement was unparalleled, for me personally, and for the group. I loved getting critiques from her, loved brainstorming sessions with her. She helped me re-write the first scene of Carolina Dream, and I couldn’t believe how much better it was. She could always come up with the most intricate, mind-blowing ideas for hurting characters – but then suspense was her thing. She felt that every novel, whether it was labeled suspense or not, should have a little twinge of mystery.

2016-05-21 13.11.38

Graves Co. Public Library KenTen book signing, 2016

2017-06-12 18.34.41

Kathy and Sandra, KenTen Conference 2017

Sandra was to have been our keynote at this summer’s KenTen Writing Group Conference. I could have listened to her the whole conference. Her soft Southern accent soothed the soul, and her feisty attitude drew you right along with her.

I know most of you didn’t know Sandra, but I wanted you all to know how important she was to me. She was an encourager from our first meeting, and I hope I was able to encourage her from time to time.

Find someone like Sandra in your life. I have many that I could name, but she and her family are on my heart today. Someone said earlier that she’s probably organizing writing groups in Heaven. I want to be in one of those groups some day!!

Thank you, Lord, for sending Sandra Robbins to be a part of my life!


2017-06-15 10.01.36

Summer 2017


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