What’s Happenin’!

Hello all! It’s been a crazy-busy fall, and I’d like to say it’s because I’m finishing up book 2 in the “Southern Breeze” series! Well, partly, it is.

I’ve been doing a lot of praying and searching in the last few months. Publishing Carolina Dream, my first novel and the book of my heart, was probably one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve had. I never thought it would happen, but it did – and I keep hearing that people love it!

Here’s the reason I’ve been doing a lot of praying and searching:  Some of you may be aware that come the end of 2017, I will no longer be director of the Crittenden County Public Library! I gave my notice a month ago, and the search is on. I hope a new director will be found in time for he or she to pick my brain a little.

So after the New Year, what will I do?? First order of business – FINISH BOOK 2! Carolina Mercy is more than half-done. I jot on it between tasks, but my main thrust has been to finish well at the library. That’s one reason I haven’t been around as much as I was earlier in the year.

So I beg of you – bear with me! Christmas is coming – yes, when November gets here, I start to get a little panic on. Have you bought Carolina Dream for a friend or relative? If they read it this Fall or Spring, they’ll be ready for book 2 in June or July!

Have YOU read Carolina Dream? If you haven’t already, I would love it if you would leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads! Believe it or not, those reviews DO matter, and I would appreciate it so much!

Well, now you’re semi-caught-up. I didn’t mention other stuff – I’m on a search committee at church for a new minister of music; a trip to NYC to visit Daugher #1, Emily; my husband has retired from teaching, etc. When it rains, it pours! So pray for me when you think of it, and tell someone about Carolina Dream!




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