Busy Author, Busy Life!

I realized that I hadn’t posted anything in quite some time when I saw that the last time I posted was in JUNE! Definitely a face-palm moment. You probably wonder if I’ve been doing ANYTHING in my writing life.


Well, if it helps, I have been doing a few things! Here’s a short list . . .

  • In LibraryLand we have this thing called Summer Reading Program. While that’s going on, not much else is going on because while it’s happening it’s all-hands-on-deck, and the aftermath is exhaustion! This was bridge-building day!


  • In June I attended and helped with the first-annual Ken-Ten Writing Conference! My writing group decided to branch out from just our group and share the wealth of knowledge we had among our members. We had 27 attendees, and great reviews! We’re already planning one for 2018! Here I am with my awesome book-cover designer, Diane Turpin!!


  • My amazing in-laws celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary!


  • Colorado Springs – My husband was blessed with a trip to Glen Eyrie, in Colorado Springs, CO, and I just went along for the ride! While he was in meetings of the Christian Educators Association International Leadership Summit, I WROTE. It was amazing. It was beautiful. I want to go back and finish my book . . . and maybe start another one! 😉


  • Book Signing – I had a book signing in the adjoining county library with their book club – and they’re reading Carolina Dream for their next selection! Here I am with my lovely daughter, Ellen!


  • Eclipse Day – Had you heard we had a solar eclipse? Oh, and we just happened to be in the path of totality. As a public library, we were blessed to have a grant for 2,000 pairs of eclipse glasses, and we planned activities for before, during, and after the event. Whew. We’re still catching our breath on that one. It was a scorcher, and all our activities were outdoors. It took many hours of planning, ordering, making, and meeting to get this off the ground.


Add to that regular family, church, and work stuff, and you can see why I’ve been conspicuously absent from here.

I have several things coming up this fall.

See you around!


Ps. 37:4


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