Book News

I can’t believe I’ve neglected my website! It was APRIL the last time I posted, and for that, I apologize!

It’s been very busy at the Merrick household: my youngest graduated from college and moved home, school (for my husband) has been winding down for the summer, and something either family-, work-, or book-related every weekend!

I reported on my first book-signing at my own library where I’m the director. Since then, I’ve had three more! Here’s some pics and some special folks!

2017-05-06 10.19.32

Hickman County Memorial Libary – Library Directors Rock!! Molly Gannon (Fulton Co. Public Library), myself (Crittenden Co. Public Library) Laura Poole (Hickman Co.  Memorial Library), Mary Silgals (Ballard/Carlisle Public Library)


Graves County Public Library – a Family Affair!  L-R MariAnne Merrick Rentfro (niece) Barbara Merrick (sister-in-law), Margaret Merrick (mother-in-law), Todd Merrick (husband), and Me!


George Coon Public Library in Princeton, KY – my good friend Rhonda Merrick Holt and me! (and why I didn’t move my purse is beyond me! lol!)

So yes, it’s been busy, and yes, I have started on the second book of the “Southern Breeze Series,” and the working title is Carolina Mercy. I hope to have it out next Spring!!

Oh! I almost forgot!!! If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know this, but if not, I’ll have to tell you my random excitement of the recent past – I MET R. L. STINE!! Yes, the famous “Goosebumps” author was at the Kentucky Public Library Association conference! He was wonderful. A great speaker, very humble and self-deprecating, and very approachable! My oldest daughter, in NYC, was finally envious of ME! LOL!

2017-04-20 15.17.28

Me, with R. L. STINE!!!

Keep praying for writing time! I’m about 12,000 words ahead in Carolina Mercy, and I need to get it close to 70,000!

Also, if you have read Carolina Dream, please consider leaving a review on Amazon! If you bought it from me, there is a place to indicate “purchased from the author.” Reviews are important in getting the word out about my books!

Thanks for reading, and have a blessed day!


Ps. 37:4



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