Oh My Goodness

My first nephew (on my husband’s side) was a cutie. He’s 33 now, and still cute with his 4 kids and sweet little wife. But I digress. When he was 2 or 3, he would mimic whatever you said. And he talked a LOT. lol! My sister-in-law would always tease me after I had kept him for any length of time, because  he would say, “Oh my goodness!” about everything. I mean, how else does a person reply to a preschooler when one doesn’t have children of one’s own? You just agree, and say “Oh my goodness!”

Well, this week I’m saying it for a whole ‘nuther reason. MONDAY IS THE RELEASE DATE OF CAROLINA DREAM!!!!!

I mean, what else can I say?


I’ve always heard it said that it was like being pregnant, and now I  can say that yes, it certainly is. When you get that contract, it seems like it will drag out forever until you hold that baby book in your hand. When it gets to be a week out, and you see the PDF of the Print Book and the front and back covers, you know it’s going to happen. I’m still in denial, just a little bit, but it will happen.

Those of you who have pre-ordered Carolina Dream, please let me know and I will send you a PDF with some “additional information.” It’s not much, but just a little something to let you know you’re a special group of people, those of you who have enough faith that it’s going to happen to actually buy it ahead of time! Wow!

Just go to the “Contact” page and leave me a note, and I’ll email you the PDF file with some pictures and some backstory that I think you’ll enjoy!

If you are in the Marion, KY area on Saturday, April 15, come to my book signing! It will be held at the Crittenden County Public Library, 204 W. Carlisle Street, Marion, KY 42064, from 10am (CST) to 1pm (CST). I would love to see you!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me! More info later!



8 thoughts on “Oh My Goodness

  1. I can’t wait either, Regina! I will try my best to come to the book signing! I will pick up a copy there. So proud for you!


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