Do you know what MONDAY is?

Mcarolina-dream-2onday is just one of many milestones I plan to celebrate along the road to Publication, but it’s a really special one.

Have you guessed yet? C’mon . . . guess!!!

Did I see a hand in the back of the room? Yes! Back there, with your hand waving frantically in the midst of confused onlookers!

Pre-sale? Did you say PRE-SALE??

YES! You got it!

Monday , March 6, is the official pre-sale date for Carolina Dream!

No, it’s not uploaded on Amazon yet, but AS SOON as it is, I will let you know! Check here, check facebook, listen for the sound of my screaming voice – I will definitely get the word out!

I would appreciate YOU getting the word out, too!

Here’s a deal for you – take a picture of the pre-order amazon receipt showing that you’ve ordered Carolina Dream, subscribe to my website, and I’ll share some inside info with you . . .

It will be in PDF format, and will include the following:

  • The actual DREAM that inspired the book!
  • Character sketches of the main characters!
  • Info about the places featured in Carolina Dream!

And last, but not least, a small smackerel of what happens AFTER Carolina Dream . . . .

So watch for info. It’s coming soon. April 3 is the day the actual BOOK is released, so you won’t have to wait long!

OK, can I do one more thing? SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!


9 thoughts on “Do you know what MONDAY is?

  1. Love this!!! I will be one of the first placing my pre-order. And count on me to help spread the word. 🙂 So excited for you, Regina!!!!!


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