Start At the Very Beginning . . .

Start at the Very Beginning . . .

I can’t resist a classic Broadway show-tune, and I can’t resist sharing with you some “classic” writing by yours truly.

When I began my writing journey, I was embraced by a group of ladies who decided to start a blog called Inkspirational Messages. I jumped in, feet-first, and wrote with them for a few years. After taking a few years sabbatical, I’m rejoining them, and I couldn’t be more excited! My first blog will be on Friday, December 2. If you’d like to read some of my previous posts, here is the link to the Archives of my work:

(Pssst . . . look at the screen shot of the home page, below! MY NAME is on it!!! Squeee!!!)

While you’re there, check out recent posts by the current “Inkspers!” Follow Inkspirational Messages on Facebook, too!

Here is hoping that you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and look forward to a truly meaningful and Spirit-filled Christmas!




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