Latest in Publication World

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I posted here, but if you know anything about the publication game, you know it moves slowly in the beginning! When you first get that contract, you think it’s just going to fly by and then you’ll be holding your firstborn book in your hot little hands and life will be glitter, rainbows, and roses. (Did you like how I mixed as many metaphors and similes as possible? 😉 )

At this point, my book, Carolina Dream, is in the hands of the editor, who has hinted that the first chapter MAY go away as it stands now, and be assimilated into other parts of the book. (Doctor Who fans know that “assimilate” is a bad thing, but in this case, it’s a good thing.) In my quest to set the stage for my story, I may have inadvertently overshadowed the main part of a romance – the MEET!

I refuse to be of the “you murdered my baby” ilk of newbie writers. I’m a big girl, and I learned that with my current work-in-progress (tentatively titled Carolina Mercy), completely rearranging my first chapter at the advice of a critique partner has made it so much better.

But here’s the REALLY big news – my book will come out NO LATER than April 2017 rather than June 2017!! Yippeee!!!!! Just in time for all you beach-goers to pick up my book before heading out for Spring Break or Summer vacations!!

Watch for more news – I’ll keep you posted!!


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